We enable owner-managed businesses to maximize profits and increase their efficiency by providing strategic business expertise and symbiotic tax advice, accounting and technology services.  

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that day to day issues can occupy all an owner’s time. Strategic decisions are put off and making the changes needed to achieve your goals seems impossible. With a deep understanding of business and systems, PDC will work with you to assess your operation’s current state, identify opportunities and map a path forward to achieve your vision. Utilizing real-time metrics and streamlined processes means you will finally have the time you need to identify the issues that matter. Let our team show you the way to better business planning, strategy and decision-making.

Working with PDC is different from your usual accountant. Our relationship is not just at tax-time or when you have a problem. It is a partnership structured to give you the peace of mind that we are as committed to your success as you are. We work with you to identify what mix of ongoing services and support you need to profitably achieve your business goals. We are an extension of your team, so you can work less while achieving more.

Moving from history to future forecasting.

Bookkeeping and accounting is all about presenting historical data.  Our team at PDC can help you with ensuring your historical data is accurate along with supporting your team with any other challenges you may have.  In some cases you may believe you have this all correct, but in many cases there is work to do here.  PDC has the team to help you with whatever accounting system you are using and with whatever accounting or bookkeeping team you may already have in place.   You can think of us as a complete compliment to your team.

Early in our relationship we put focus on your historical data and ensure it is correct because it sets the stage for moving your business into proper future projections and planning.  This is where we can move your business from living in the “now” to being “financially healthy” in the near future.

PDC is a team designed to support you.  We will make recommendations.  We will look for improvements.  We will work with you and your team to get you results.