Who We Are

Like you, we are business professionals with deep expertise and a passion to succeed. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences ensure we can critically analyze issues from a range of perspectives and work as a team to formulate a comprehensive, thoughtful approach to any challenge.


Integrity. Honesty. Trust. Hard-work.


To respond to your needs based on your unique business, your individual goals and to do so in a professional manner.

We are as passionate about your business as you are!

Andrew photo

Andrew Pitre CPA, CA Owner / Entrepreneur

Owner, entrepreneur, problem solver. Andrew takes each designation just as seriously today as when he first started in private practice.
Raised in BC, Andrew has personally lived the life of an entrepreneur, giving him insight into the challenges, struggles and unique way of functioning other professionals often miss. Taking economics at the University of Victoria, he would receive his CA designation in 2008. Andrew then looked to study tax law through in-depth coursework and further specialized training. Captivated by business in all its forms, Andrew recognized early on that the world of accounting was best way to satisfy his varied interests.

QUOTE: “The work we do can make a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Dome photo

Dome Duong CPA, CA Owner / Entrepreneur

Fluent in three languages, Dome also worked as a music producer and even a professional DJ. These experiences (and countless more) highlight his understanding of the diversity, passion and all-consuming fire that burns inside the heart of an entrepreneur.

Building on his early adventures, Dome sought further growth, working to achieve his BA in Commerce from the University of Alberta. Eventually, he added a CA designation from the CA School of Business. With a specific interest in construction, engineering, real estate and the new frontier of cannabis production, Dome continues to enhance his knowledge and understanding. Never tiring of finding new ways to help businesses create value, Dome provides genuine interest and concern for every client he serves.

QUOTE: “The client comes first – always.”

Sukhraj photo

Sukhraj Gill CPA, CA Owner/Entrepreneur

Fluent in both English and Punjabi, Sukhraj also excels in sports – particularly the focused discipline of Tae Kwon Do. He has earned a 2nd degree black belt, as well as competing both provincially and nationally. Always excited to work with entrepreneurs, Sukhraj enjoys their energy and passion, happily adding his own talents and skills in service of helping them thrive.

Graduating from the University of British Columbia Okanagan with a Bachelor of Management in 2010, Sukhraj went on to gain valuable on-the-job experience working at a midsized accounting firm in Vancouver. He achieved his CPA, CA designations in 2015, working with a focus on private enterprise clients, including personal and corporate taxation. Seeing an opportunity to refine both his cash flow management and budgeting skills, Sukhraj jumped at the chance to act as Chief Financial Officer for a local government when asked. He continues to challenge himself daily, both for his clients and his own personal growth.

QUOTE: “If you’re going to do it, do it right the first time.”

Milene Fort-Pitre CPA, CA Senior Consultant

Getting her BA in Commerce was just the beginning. A fascination with financial reports, budgets and forecasting, not to mention sales figures of all kinds, led Milène towards her CA designation. Working in jobs at the highest levels of publishing, manufacturing, sales and distribution only concentrated her interest further as she dove deep into problem solving, often through the use of software and process implementation. Milène is focused on finding better ways to improve cash flow through improved processes and implementation of better technology.

Thanks to her years spent with publisher McGraw-Hill Ryerson, the BC Ferries Corp and Grant Thornton Chartered Accountants Milène knew where she wanted to be, and how important it was to focus directly on the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. She remains committed to finding new and more affordable ways for all businesses to enjoy the kind of high-level accounting advantage that large businesses often take for granted.

QUOTE: “There is always a better way.”

Susy photo

Susy Sheehan CPA, CMA Senior Consultant

With a life of experiences spanning the entire Okanagan region, Susy continues to enjoy the local mountains, lakes and natural lifestyle. Add in regular opportunities to sample the abundant food and wines, not to mention cheering loud at her son’s sporting events, she is truly “living the dream.”

A veteran of public practice for more than twenty years, Susy provides an expansive view of accounting for business and the many tax issues they face. Often called upon to guide clients quickly and efficiently through extremely complex problems, Susy draws on her own personal reservoir of experience from all manner of businesses and situations. Given that Susy loves being able to assist people directly in achieving their long-desired financial goals means she usually finds herself just as happy getting to work each day as when she left the night before.

QUOTE: “I feel I was put on this earth to help others when I can.”

Chaelene photo

Chaelene Peeren CPA Consultant

It took a single season of preparing tax returns (during a co-op term in school) for Chaelene to realize accounting was the career for her. To this day, Chaelene still feels there is no better accomplishment than to complete a project to a client’s genuine satisfaction.

Enrolled at the Okanagan School of Business, Chaelene completed her BBA (with a speciality in accounting) in 2015. She went on to graduate from the CPA School of Business Professional Education Program, achieving her CPA designation in February of 2018. Throughout her studies, Chaelene notched up more than three years of direct experience within a large public practice firm, specializing in assurance engagements, personal income tax returns and complex tax matters. Fluent in English and French, Chaelene uses her collaborative personality and dedication to service to form strong, personal bonds with all her clients.

QUOTE: “Concentration leads to success.”