Our team of CPAs offers more than just accounting services, they are strategic management experts. Whatever challenges you face in your business, PDC’s all-in service means you get direct access to our firm and full contact with our team whenever YOU need it.

With all businesses the point is to increase revenue, reduce cost – building a valuable asset. But what is the best approach for your unique circumstances? We assist our clients with assessing the options. These could be tax minimization and structuring, creative growth and expansion opportunities, executive exits and other strategic transitions. We work with you in order to help you maximize your opportunities for growth of the business and wealth for you.

Get advice, research a strategy, plan purchases or just get financial questions answered – whatever you need. PDC is your resource to turn to when you need it, not just at tax time, but anytime you need to take on more, but work less. That is Accounting. Evolved.

You should consider PDC if:

  • You need a partner in your business that has the tax, accounting, and financial expertise but don’t want to give up any equity to acquire that strategic partner
  • You’re stuck working IN the business instead of ON the business and you know it limits the earning potential of your company
  • You employ (or outsource) people to perform a bookkeeping function, but don’t have any expertise to manage accounting and finance departments
  • You are recruiting your own bookkeeping and finance personnel, but you don’t have the expertise to evaluate if their experience or skill is sufficient to perform the work required
  • You feel like it takes too long to get your profit and loss reports from your existing bookkeeping team and you aren’t even sure if they’re right
  • You have liquidity issues with cash, but you don’t know why, your financial statements are reporting good bottom line earnings and it seems there should be cash in the bank but there never is and you don’t understand why
  • You want to know if your statements can be relied on
  • You know your business and have an educated idea about what increasing particular unit sales/revenue or growth “might” look like, but would benefit from financial projections and modeling to truly see the big picture and have accurate cashflow data to base decisions on
  • You want to move from seeing the data and figures you’ve done, to focusing on projecting future figures, goals and the ability to measure actual results against those goals