Do you do bookkeeping?

Although PDC doesn’t do bookkeeping directly we headhunt and find appropriate bookkeepers for you if you are in need of one.  We work with you to set up a solid accounting system / platform and we offer controller services to manage the processes and your bookkeeper.  These placement and and oversight services have worked well with many of our other clients.

Why do you use a monthly contract system with your clients?

In a word: service. At PDC we want our clients to receive the very best service possible. To do that, we need to remove the barriers that can sometimes cause clients to avoid asking for help or getting the advice they need. Our “all-in” monthly pricing guarantees our clients have the freedom to call us whenever they have a question. That means we can provide practical answers, advice and strategy – in real time.

How much does it cost to hire PDC Accounting?

Because every business is unique so is our pricing structure. We work hard to customize every service we offer. That way, our clients can be assured they only pay for the services they need. Your bill is only as big as you need it to be.

What services do you offer?

At PDC we offer every service accountants traditionally offer like financial oversight, management, strategic cashflow, forecasting and scenario modelling – plus more. Whether tax or compliance related, year-ends, tracking, financial and more PDC has you covered. If you’re interested we would love to talk specifics with you. If you need it done, chances are we already do it.